Image of My Lil Rem Stadt 2

My Lil Rem Stadt 2


hiya! almost exactly one year ago i made a zine about a norwegian oil supply vessel called "rem stadt" and here is the second issue, believe it or not. at some point in the zine i refer to it as "my lil rem stadt #2: on stormy waters" but by the time i finished the zine i was embarrassed by the terrible subtitle and decided to drop it from the front cover.

this issue includes:
mild peril, moaning, cruise ships, webcams and mostly bad drawings. the one incredible drawing on the front cover is by siobhan britton. all the squiggly bits and writing is me, though.

if you haven't already read issue one i will throw a copy in for free if you like. just select the option "issues 1+2". once they're gone they're gone etc.

pre-orders will be sent next week sometime!